Why do we collect host and class ratings?

A NewCampus colearner may book a class based on a class host's rating, or it could be a point of comparison between attending a similar class topic held by 2 different hosts.

Class ratings are generally useful for colearners looking to explore new topics.

When does NewCampus collect feedback?

At the end of each class (after the class host has ended the video call), the class curator will collect feedback from the colearners.

There are 2 main feedback points that will directly concern you as an Instructor:

  • Host rating
  • Class rating

Class hosts and classes are reviewed on:

  • Quality of content
  • Quality of delivery
  • Overall colearner class experience

Will I be able to see the feedback?

Yes, most definitely! Any feedback collected will be shared with you. A NewCampus success manager will directly contact you if there are any negative feedback points to work with you to prevent issues from happening in the future, or providing assistance to improve your class experience.

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