We want to ensure that you are best prepared and have all of the resources you need to develop an amazing class. We provide a class outline to help guide you in creating your class content plan. This is the first thing you will need to do to get started on preparing for your NewCampus class.

A class content outline is a guide meant to help you structure the talking points to cover in your class to deliver an engaging and inspirational session or workshop! 

We will provide a unique outline depending on what type of class you've scheduled: 

For dialogues: 

  • The compelling narrative 
  • The “Understand this industry / technology” class

For workshops: 

  • The workshop

You will receive the class outline guide after you have been accepted as a class host.

All hosts will submit their class details, outline, supplementary slides and pre-class content before they attend the 1-on1 training session or 7 days before your class (whichever comes first).

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