NewCampus classes are bite-sized classes that enable knowledge experts to teach those excited by change and eager to learn new skills. All classes are virtual - as a class host, you’ll teach from anywhere around the world. 

Classes are designed to provide colearners with content that matters - be it problem solving through design thinking, pivoting after failing in a startup, or how artificial intelligence is providing financial access to the unbanked. 

There are 2 types of classes: 

  1. Dialogues
  2. Workshops

What are dialogues? 

Dialogues are 60-minutes virtual classes. Class hosts share their knowledge on a topic through a presentation blended with conversational engagement with colearners. Think of the session as a TED talk followed by thoughtful discussion. 

What are workshops? 

Workshops are 90-minutes virtual classes. They are hands-on experiences designed to cultivate holistic learning. Instructors share their knowledge on the topic and lead engaging activities and exercises with colearners throughout the class, delivering unparalleled practical knowledge.

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