1 — Terminology

  • "Class Host”: The Instructor who designs or delivers a NewCampus Class
  • “Colearners”: Any individual that attends a NewCampus Class to learn.
  • “Class Plan” = Every NewCampus Class is built from a Class Plan which is either designed by NewCampus or an invited Class Host. NewCampus owns the Class Plan. This includes, but is not limited by, vetting the quality of the topic by industry standards, devising a concise description of the Class, and assigning precise learning objectives and goals for the class. It also includes determining the best format to host the class with Live colearners including balancing lecture, interactive exercises, discussion questions etc.
  • “Class” = The designed and delivered Live session including but not limited to a lecture, presentation materials (usually a slide deck), planned sets of activities and exercises and discussion questions that formulates a workshop, masterclass or any other NewCampus class formats.

2 — Class Invitation

Class Hosts receive Class Invitations from NewCampus with an attached Class Contract specifying a fixed Scope of Work to engage in educational/training services. Class Hosts are provided 48 hours to accept, negotiate or decline the Class Invitation to a Class Contract.

3 — Class Contracts

Each Class Contract will be a binding agreement about the design or development about a single NewCampus Class between NewCampus and the Class Host. Class Contracts will have one of the following Scopes of Work:

  1. Following a NewCampus Class Plan, create a NewCampus Class, and deliver the NewCampus Class Live an agreed number of times (most common).
  2. Follow a NewCampus Class Plan, follow a NewCampus Class, and deliver the NewCampus Class Live an agreed number of times.
  3. Design a NewCampus Class Plan, create a NewCampus Class, and deliver the NewCampus Class Live an agreed number of times.
  4. Design a NewCampus Class Plan, create a NewCampus Class - no delivery
  5. Follow a NewCampus Class Plan, create a NewCampus Class - no delivery
  6. Design a NewCampus Class Plan - no Class creation nor delivery

Each Class Contract will include the compensation rate, compensation schedule, timelines and deadlines associated with creating a Class, delivering a Class, or designing a Class Plan. It will also include any cancellation or rescheduling terms associated with delivering a Class.

4 — Compensation Terms

Class Hosts are compensated as per their Class Invitation and Class Contract. The rate may vary from time to time depending on the colearner locations, colearning audience and other factors. Class Hosts are advised to follow the fee offered in the Class Contract.

5 — Independent Contractor Status

Any NewCampus Class Host is always deemed an independent contractor and is not an employee, agent or partner of NewCampus.

6 — Taxes And Fees

No federal, state nor local income taxes nor payroll tax of any kind shall be withheld or paid by NewCampus on behalf of the Class Host. The Class Host providing the services stipulated under any Class contract shall not be treated as an employee with respect to the services performed. The Class Host understands that they are responsible to pay, according to law, all applicable taxes.

7 — Content Ownership

  1. NewCampus Class Hosts are the sole and exclusive owner of the Class content they build and deliver.
  2. NewCampus Class Hosts are eligible to reuse the Class content they build and deliver outside of NewCampus.
  3. NewCampus Class Plans are always owned by NewCampus and subject to infinite reuse by NewCampus and may be shared with different Class Hosts to build NewCampus Classes. Class Hosts who help build NewCampus Class Plans as part a Class Invitation will be credited and compensated.
  4. NewCampus has the right to access your Class Content to provide training, support, improve our service, marketing and promotion, analytics, research and development. These rights will survive the termination of these Terms.

8 — NewCampus Responsibilities

  1. Provide quality training to help NewCampus Class Hosts to prepare for, conduct, report on and evaluate NewCampus classes.
  2. Provide, when applicable, the appropriate materials, supplies, and equipment needed for a NewCampus class to run successfully.
  3. Provide timely Class Host updates and, when required, updates on classes and timing required.
  4. Provide effective, timely support and guidance.
  5. Evaluate Class quality and Class Host performance through recording reviews, and any learner feedback collected.
  6. Pay Class Hosts compliant with the payment terms outlined in the Class Contract.

9 — Class Host Responsibilities


  1. ​Follow all the current policies and procedures set forth by NewCampus in this agreement.
  2. Approach the work, NewCampus team members and community, and colearners with respect and integrity.
  3. Respond to Invitations to a Class Contract by NewCampus by confirming or declining as early as possible.
  4. Create Classes, and deliver Classes requested and authorised by NewCampus as scheduled in coordination NewCampus.


  1. Soundcheck - Class Hosts are expected to use headphones, and an external microphone to deliver any classes in a quiet area.
  2. Web camera view - Class Hosts are expected to direct their web camera to capture a medium close-up from the chest up in a well-lit area that shows their face.
  3. Connectivity - Class Hosts are expected to be using a stable, high bandwidth internet connection.
  4. Dress code - Class Hosts are expected to be appropriately dressed for their Live class in business casual attire.
  5. Timing - Class Hosts are expected to be online on the designated NewCampus video conferencing platform 10 minutes before the class start time for sound/video check. Starting on time is a crucial part of the engagement - starting more than 3 minutes late may result in reduced compensation.
  6. Class Host Training - From time to time, NewCampus conducts Class Host training. Any Class Host training conducted is only a prerequisite of authorisation as a NewCampus Class Host and that the authorisation to teach a specific class is granted only upon receiving and accepting an Invitation from NewCampus to teach a specific class.


  1. Recordings - Class Hosts understand that classes are recorded, reviewed and evaluated by NewCampus team members for training, quality assurance and promotion.
  2. Promotion - NewCampus may use the Class Host’s name, picture, and short recordings from classes to promote classes and attract new colearners -- including promotional images, videos, advertisements and social media posts etc.
  3. Recording rights - NewCampus does not currently offer colearners access to recorded content. If our business model/product changes, Class Hosts will be notified with new Host Agreements.
  4. Class Host Recordings - Recording or using recorded content of entire NewCampus Classes (by Class Hosts, Curators or Colearners) is strictly prohibited without NewCampus consent. Class Hosts may use up to 1 minute of their own Live Class for promotional reasons without NewCampus written consent.
  5. Copyright infringement - The Class Host assumes responsibility for acquiring approval to use third party materials and for abiding by copyright restrictions and “fair use” guidelines in order to avoid violation of the copyright and third party. Class Host are responsible for the damages arising from any claims made regarding such copyright violations.
  6. Inability to perform

10 — Termination

  1. With reasonable cause, either party may terminate this Agreement with 14 days written notice. Reasonable cause shall include, without limitation: a) material violation of this Agreement; b) upon the occurrence of bankruptcy, insolvency, or dissolution of the other party, or the assignment or delegation of this Agreement without written consent by both parties.
  2. Without reasonable cause, either party may terminate this Agreement with 30 days written notice.
  3. Upon given notice, Class Host will provide NewCampus with any and all work in progress including coming to an agreement on how to prorata any Class design and Live Class delivery work within the notice period.

11 — Notices

Any Notice given in connection with this Agreement shall be in writing via email to NewCampus [email protected] and shall be received from the Class Host's email address stated in this Agreement. Any party may change its email address stated by giving notice of the change in accordance with this paragraph.

12 — Choice Of Law

Any dispute under this Agreement or related to this Agreement shall be decided in accordance with the law of the Republic of Singapore.

13 — Previous Agreements

This Agreement cancels and supersedes all previous agreements between Class Host and NewCampus and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto.

14 — Amendments

This agreement may be amended or modified only by mutual written agreement of both NewCampus and the Class Host.

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